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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Goals that Drive Success

"A dream without a plan is just a desire and everyone has those."
-Jeff Richards

Effective Goals that Drive Success are:

  • Specific in written format, yet easy to remember.
  • Structured in a positive format.
  • Measurable with specific timelines.
  • Realistic, controllable and attainable.
  • Meaningful and relevant to those who will execute them.
  • Provide emotional satisfaction to those who will achieve them.
  • Reviewed often and are broken down into easy tasks.

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Thought for the Day: The Secret to Success

The secret to success is 25% inspiration and 75% focus.

So what is distracting you?

...or do you just not have clear, attainable goals?

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What's In a Business Name?

It should include everything!

Marketing your business with your own unique style starts right here. The opportunity to reach your audience in a single bound can contribute to your success or impede it. This is your chance to stand above the competition or join the crowd. It is your chance to announce your distinctive brand identity and act as a directory to your specific customer.

Common Characteristics of a Good Business Name

  • It is generally short and to the point.
  • It is easy for anyone in your target audience to pronounce and spell.
  • It displays a clear picture of what you do while still being general enough to expand your business as market conditions change.
  • It creates desire for your primary product.
  • It calls out to your primary customer.
  • It creates an immediate picture in your mind that entices your customer.
  • It doesn’t limit your geographical location when you may want to expand.
  • It doesn’t imply any time period that may some day be outdated.
  • It is different enough to avoid confusion with any competitor.
  • It makes people laugh or gets them talking.
  • If your family name is part of the title, it will still someday appeal to a non-family member if you want to sell it.
  • It is available for use for a website domain name with a .com extension.
  • It can easily be incorporated into a logo.
  • Shorter names are easier to remember and will not only save you money when you advertise in print, but can save you thousands of dollars if you are going to invest in typical commercial signage.
  • If you are going to depend upon any type of a directory with alphabetical advertising listings, such as the yellow pages, give this some extra consideration.

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